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1.Socialization is necessary
2. Socialization is good.
3. To be properly socialized, children must spend a large amount
of time with their peers.

Maria Leites

ESL 91

Dr. Loretta f. Kasper

September 18,2004

                                       THE MOST INFLUENCIAL PERSON IN MY LIFE

     Many people have one person who has made a difference in their lives. In my case, my daughter has been the most influential person in my life. This is because she encouraged me to continue my education. She helped me through her example, words and her financial support.

     Many years ago my daughter immigrated to the United States. She did not understand English. Therefore, she had many problems communicating with other people, she went to school to learn English. This was different from my experience because when I immigrated to the United State learning Enghish was not an option. I worked in a store where only Spanish was spoken and I lived in a Spanish neighborhood, so I thought I didn't
need to learn English. My daughter decided to enroll in Pratt Institute. She was able to finish her Bachelor's Degree in Photography. She completed a Master degree in Fine Arts. Today she is a full time professor at SUNY New Paltz. For this reason I was inspired to follow her in how she learned English. The place that I worked and lived made life seem like small circle to me. This was because I only had to speak Spanish in this environment. But my daughter's progress in learning and improving her life motivated me to change my own life. As a result, I decided to go to school to learn English. I started my education in the CLIP program. This is an intensive English program, which was very hard for me because I did not understand English. So I was frustrated learning the new language. In addition, I thought I was too old to go to school, but my daughter encouraged me by saying,: "Don't t worry ma, you can do it". Her words made me feel stronger. It was what I needed to hear to feel relieved and more confident. She has been a good example.She has helped me with her encouraging words. When I was scared about beginning my education, she would tell me that I could learn English, just like she did. When I would get discouraged, she would tell me not worry and that I could do it. This has helped me not to give up and continue my studies, and this new exiting and scary life that I am now persuing.

     My daughter has helped me, with my tuition, books and transportation. Her financial help allowed me to work part time and enabled me to be a full time student. The reason she supports me is because I have a low-income wage earner and my salary was not enough to pay my expenses.

     My daughter has been good example for me in my life She supports me in many ways. She always told me that I could learn English just like her. With her help, I have decided to begin college and continue my education. My daughter is the most influential person in my life.

My School Work