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Maria Leites
October 13, 2004


       I was born in The Dominican Republic, where I had a very happy childhood. As an adult I came to the United States where my life was a struggle but I decided to change my life by going to school .I was very happy in my country because my grandmother who raised me tried her best to give me a good education. I attended private school until I finished high school.
The first obstacle I found in America was the language, because I could not communicate with anyone in my native language. I choose to work and live in a Spanish-speaking community because I felt more comfortable interacting with people that spoke Spanish.
    Twenty years later I decided to change my life and began college in 2003. This was a very hard decision for me because the English language frustrated me. However, I entered an intensive English program and successfully passed all four levels. Recently, I was able to start the ESL91 Program offered in Kings borough Community College. I hope this program will help me to develop and enhance my English writing and reading skills.

My School Work